Parsley, Italian or Flat Leaf (Iceless) (10x3 Bag)

Product Specifications:

Brand/Label: Coastal Fresh Farms

USA UPC: 0-33383-80125-4

USA PLU: 4901

Count/Pack: 10x3 Count

Pallet Qty: 96 Cases

Tie:/High: 12ti x 8hi

Box/Carton: L: 15.63” x W: 9.63” x H: 9.75”

Length: 7” to 11”

Bunch Size: 3” circumference at band

Color: Bright Green in color uniform throughout

Bottom Cut: Even

Band/Tie: 1” from bottom of bouquet

Carton Placement: 10 Bags of 3ct bunched packed in box

Grade: US #1

Variety: N/A

Availability: Year Round

Growing Regions: California, Mexico

Shelf Life: 14 days from date packed

Scientific Name: Petrosleinum Crispum

Description/Overall Appearance:

  • Clean
  • No yellow or brown leaves
  • No signs pest damage or pest
  • No field debris
  • No black spots


  • Store at 32-36° F
  • Optimal Humidity 90-95%
  • Sensitive to Ethylene